RBI Management
Privacy Policy

Our commitment to you

In order to provide our services, we collect certain personal information about you. Our commitment goes beyond meeting legal requirements for protecting personal information. The trust and confidence that our customers hold in us, including our ability to protect the confidentiality of personal information and the privacy of the individuals who provide it, are critical to our success. This policy applies to any employee, representative or third-party service providers with which we do business. We also adhere to the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation and Regulations and will only communicate electronically with your permission.

Why we collect, use and retain personal information

We act as your Authorized Representative with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). When we collect information in order to prepare your income tax return(s) and provide advice, we do so with your explicit consent. In order to prepare and file a return, we are required to obtain certain essential personal information about you. Your information is used to prepare an accurate return to determine any taxes owing or refund due. This may include health information, financial information and history and information about avocations. We retain some of this information in order to be able to administer business, to provide ongoing service to you and when we are required to do so by law.

We may use anonymous data to manage our business, to identify products and services that might benefit you and to prepare reports about our business.

Limiting collection

We collect only the information needed to fulfill our service obligations to you, and where required the CRA. We will use only fair and lawful means to collect this information. We will collect information only with your consent.

How we collect information

We collect your personal information, including health information, directly from you and the CRA through the Represent a Client portal.


Your consent includes consent to provide personal information to us and generally to the CRA, which allows us both to fulfill our obligations. When you request or use any of the products and/or services we make available, we will transfer whatever information is necessary by implied consent. If we receive notice from you that you wish to withdraw your consent for the continued use and retention of your personal information, we will take whatever steps are necessary to adhere to the Act. This may require termination of our relationship.

Limits on use and disclosure

We will use and disclose personal information to perform our duties, to provide you with information and when I am required to do so by law. We may disclose this personal information to our employees or service providers, so that they can perform their duties to which consent has been given and where authorized by law. Where personal information is provided to service providers, we require them to protect that information consistent with our policies and practices.

We may also use personal information to offer products and services that we believe will interest you but we will never give or sell personal information to third parties for marketing purposes.

Limits on retention of information

We will retain personal information in our records only as long as it is needed for the purposes identified, or as legally required or permitted.

Accuracy of information

We are responsible for keeping your personal information as accurate and up-to-date as possible. You may challenge the completeness and accuracy of your personal information that we hold. We will make any necessary corrections to information that is shown to be incomplete or inaccurate and will notify any third parties, if we make such corrections. Any disagreement or discrepancy regarding accuracy will be documented.

You may gain access to your personal information we hold under the consent you provided to us by making an access request to us. If you wish to request access to information that we collected on behalf of the CRA, you may make the request through me but I may be asked to direct you to the CRA.

Protecting personal information

We will protect personal information from unauthorized access or use by ensuring that safeguards are in place, including physical security measures for our office location, operational policies, procedures and access protocols and technological measures for our computer systems. We will use safeguards to prevent unauthorized access to personal information during the destruction process.